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Doctor in Utrecht

Hoteldoc provides 24/7 medical care for foreign visitors in the city of Utrecht and it’s suroundings. Our doctors are happy to help you in your hotelroom or Airbnb. A doctor in Utrecht has never been easier to contact. Hoteldoc doctors in Utrecht are specialized with consultations on the site which can be very convenient for tourists and foreigners visiting the city of Utrecht.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want one of our qualified G.P.’s in Utrecht to pay you a visit. A doctor in Utrecht is available 24/7, when calling Hoteldoc press 2 to get a doctor in Utrecht.

Payments are to be made directly after the consultation. This can be done by creditcard only in Utrecht. Our doctor will provide an invoice for reimbursement. Read more about the fees and frequently asked questions on our Fees page.

Need a doctor?

Unfortunately, some visitors fall ill during their stay. This may be due to an unexpected condition that develops suddenly, because of a pre-existing condition that flares up or as a result of a minor accident or fall.

About the City of Utrecht

The city of Utrecht

Located 40 kilometres east of Amsterdam you will find one of The Netherlands’ best kept secrets: Utrecht.

Utrecht is one of the Netherlands’ oldest cities, with a compact medieval centre set out around canals unique to the Netherlands: there’s a lower level where warehouses were located in the 13th century, giving the canals a split-level character and meaning that diners and drinkers can nip off the street and enjoy a snack or a drink down at water level.

Climb the Dom tower in the city centre and have amazing views over the city and it’s surroundings. Weary of a day Utrecht? Try out the Tivoli Vredenburg near the central station for the best theather, music and comedy productions.

If you need to see a doctor in Utrecht call us and press 2 for our local General Practitioner in Utrecht.