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    Sometimes, things get lost or forgotten when traveling.

    Medication doesn’t have to be one of those things. 


    With Hoteldoc, you can get your prescription medication from wherever you are, just like a local.

    Enter your information below and one of our doctors will contact you to have a consult and generate a prescription request that will be fulfilled by the pharmacy of your choice. Medications will be ready for pick up within 24 hours, which Hoteldoc will notify you of via email.

    In some cases, the doctor may need to first verify your information and health before issuing the prescription request; they will call you to discuss this or to schedule an in-person appointment.

    No new medication can be prescribed without a consultation. No controlled drugs will be prescribed without a consultation and written proof from prescribing physician. Make a payment on the website and bring a valid ID.

    We will email your prescription renewal to a pharmacy of your choice. Please be aware that in some circumstances, the doctor may need to call or see you regarding your prescription request.

    What are the costs?

    Prices vary by country and are indicated on our local websites.    

    If you have European health insurance or AON insurance, most services and medication will be covered. You may request to pay out-of-pocket if you wish.

    If you have non-European health insurance, the service fee and medication cost will have to be paid out-of-pocket. However, you may be able to use Hoteldoc’s service receipt and the pharmacy receipt to file a claim with your health insurance for reimbursement. 

    What if the pharmacy doesn't have my medication?

    In this unlikely event, Hoteldoc will check nearby pharmacies for the medication. If it is available in another pharmacy, you will be notified and then can pick it up. If the medication cannot be found in your vicinity, please allow one business day for your selected pharmacy to order and receive the medication.

    If you are in a life-threatening situation, please call the local emergency number.

    I want to be prescribed a new medication

    If you’re seeking a medication that you don’t have a prescription for already, please contact us to schedule an appointment with a doctor.

    Doctors appointments are covered by European health insurance. Non-European health insurance holders will pay upfront but receive a detailed receipt that can be used to file a claim with the respective health insurance company.