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Fill in the form on this page and we can usually process your request within 6 hours. This is possible for any location in the Netherlands.

In need of a prescription renewal or new medication?

Forgot an important medication at home?  Running out of essential medication during your stay? We can prescribe medication and send the request to one of the duty pharmacies for you to pick up – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can initiate this process by completing the form below.

No new medication can be prescribed without a consultation. No controlled drugs will be prescribed without a consultation and written proof from prescribing physician. Make a payment on the website and bring a valid ID. 

We will email your prescription renewal to a pharmacy of your choice in the Netherlands. Please be aware that in some circumstances, the doctor may need to call or see you regarding your prescription request. 

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    DA Pharmacy Leidsestraat (Amsterdam)Pharmacy OLVG – West (Amsterdam)Pharmacy OLVG – East (Amsterdam)Pharmacy AMC (Amsterdam)Pharmacy VU Medical Center (Amsterdam)Pharmacy BovenIJ Hospital (Amsterdam)Dienstapotheek Utrecht (Utrecht)Other (please leave a comment)


    Prescriptions are only available in pharmacies. You will need a prescription for most medications. We can arrange medication renewal anywhere in the Netherlands.

    Opening hours for pharmacies vary, but the address of the nearest duty pharmacy will be indicated on the door. Pharmacists are able to give advice for minor complaints. Chemists and some supermarkets sell over-the-counter medicine without a script.

    Medication delivery

    In Amsterdam we can arrange medication delivery from 8.00 am until 9.00 pm (and 10pm on Friday and Saturday) in the city centre for an extra €15, added to the costs of your medication. If you stay outside the city centre, but still would like to have a delivery, please ask the doctor for options in your area.

    The following pharmacies in Amsterdam have extended opening hours:

    • DA Pharmacy Leidsestraat
    • Pharmacy OLVG – West
    • Pharmacy OLVG – East
    • Pharmacy AMC
    • Pharmacy VU Medical Center
    • Pharmacy BovenIJ Hospital

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