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The Touristdoc team consists of medical professionals in the Netherlands and other countries. All our team members are multilingual and have extensive experience in the medical field. We focus on your well-being and with our service at home, hotel or Airbnb we help you in an area you know.

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    Verifying your data and agreements

    We will verify your details by having a video conference and make agreements that will be generated into a contract.

    Setting up

    With every new location that will be added we make a local website, marketing plan and automated payment gateways.

    Start earning commission

    By signing up our contract you will be connected to our local branches and you as a partner can start earning commission.

    After register

    After registration, one of our colleagues will contact you by telephone or via a video consultation to review and verify your registration details. Sometimes additional questions have to be filled in to complete your registration. We will also send contracts in the field of processing personal data to you to sign.

    When the verification, additional questions and contracts have been completed, we will activate your account and this can be for you or your practice if you also want to register it.

    In general, you will be called back within 5 days of registering. If this has not happened after your registration, please send us a callback request.

    Pricing and commissions

    We want to make our services as transparent as possible for our customers, which is why local prices are charged for each service in accordance with legal rates or free regular market prices. After you have been verified and account has been activated it will be possible for you to receive requests from customers. Before you can receive requests, however, we also want to discuss the prices for the different services and times in a second meeting. Based on the amount of the price, we also determine the commission for our services together. This will be determined in a separate contract and then the part to receive consultations will also be activated so that you are ready to start.

    Flowchart mobile devices

    For using the services of Touristdoc, we have made the procedure as easy as possible so that you can assess, accept and handle a consultation in our iOS app in 6 steps after logging in. Android and computer users can use our web version which follows the same steps in the browser.

    Login via the iOS app or via the browser on our web app.

    In the settings you can view the location to which you are set. If this is not correct or if you are temporarily at a different location, you can change it.

    When customers come to the website, they are forwarded to the correct local website based on their IP address.

    A customer can request to be called back on the local website.

    After the request, a doctor will receive a notification in the app/e-mail with the customer’s contact details and location that will be deleted after a certain time.